God is good all the time and all the time, God is good. Do you believe this? Why do you believe it? What do you base His goodness off of?

Why do we fall into the lie of emotions and circumstances? It’s so easy to believe the lie that His goodness is dependent on what we’re currently going through or how we feel.

How we’re currently feeling. If we get the job. If the results are good. If we make the team. If we get approved. If our finances are increasing. If the economy is booming. If the house sold. If we have friends. Etc.

It’s as if we begin to minimalize God and His goodness. We try to put Him and His beautiful characteristics in a box. But here’s the thing. WE CAN’T. No box that we dream up is big enough.

God is SO much bigger than we can imagine. Don’t believe me? Take a few seconds to think about eternity. Imagine how humans will be in one of two places FOREVER. I’m serious! Think about that for maybe 15 seconds…I’ll wait.


You done?

Let me guess, you can’t even begin to fathom eternity? That’s how big God is! We can’t even begin to imagine it! So why would we believe that His goodness is solely dependent on our circumstances?

Why is this a such a bad thing?

Because we begin to look at God through the lens of our emotions. The way we feel. Our emotions are tricky. They’re also deceiving. Remember that breakup that your emotions told you that you would never get over? Or maybe it was that best friend that you never imagined that you needed to remove from your life and it hurt you to the core. You might not be completely healed from these circumstances or situations (whatever they are) but you can probably admit that you feel (even if it’s just in the slightest) different. Your emotions changed, right? Maybe the degree of them lessened.

So what happens when we base God’s goodness on how we’re feeling in a certain season or our circumstances?

We deceive ourselves. We end up being upset and frustrated with God. We don’t “feel” like going to church, reading our Bibles, praying, serving or anything that relates to God because Satan wants you to believe that if you don’t “feel” or see His goodness through circumstances then He must not be present. If you’re not receiving the blessings that your friends are he must not be good. If you’re doing a great job at work but no one has acknowledged it, He must not care about your diligence. Emotions are tricky. They deceive us so quickly.

Don’t let your emotions or circumstances dictate how sweet, loving, and caring our heavenly Father is!

How should we view God and His goodness?

Through the lens of faith. Not our circumstances. Not our emotions. Faith. 

Faith tells us all we need to know about how good God is. Our faith tells the story of how our loving Father saw how sin separated us from Him and we needed a savior to bring us back into a righteous standing with God. Faith tells us that we were made special because we are made in the image of God and HE makes us unique. Faith tells us that we are privileged with the responsibility of going and making disciples throughout all the nations. AND , our faith tells us that we can never be separated from God’s love. Romans talks about this in Chapter 8:38-39

38 For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, 39 nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


In Conclusion: Our emotions can be dangerous. They can also be good! Our circumstances shouldn’t be the standard on which we view how good God is. If we believe God is good because we just got a raise, what happens when that co-worker that’s not very nice got the promotion? Honestly, you will tire yourself out because our circumstances change quicker than we usually realize. Our standard HAS to be set on God’s love for us. Why? Because that love changed our lives forever. That is something we can rest our assurance of God’s goodness on. Challenge yourself today to look at God in the light of what He has done for you 2000 years vs what He has or hasn’t done in this current season of your life.

Remind yourself today that God’s goodness will NEVER be dependent on your circumstances!

Healthy? God is good. Sick? God is good. Married? God is good. Single? God is good. Wealthy? God is good. Struggling? God is good. Hurt? God is good. Undervalued? God is good. Underappreciated? God is good. Frustrated? God is good. Peaceful? God is good.

His Goodness prevails through ALL seasons of life!
Through every season, circumstance, shortcoming, and failure.



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Remember we all need encouragement no matter the season.

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