I believe that there are two types of hypocrites.

But let me start out by saying that every single person no matter the age, gender, race, or religion, is a hypocrite. We’re naturally drawn to sin so it leads to us being hypocrites.

That same sin that we tend to get frustrated with that other people continue doing is probably something we struggle with as well, but it can take different forms.

Example: Pride. Pride can look so different. Pride can be one person boasting about themselves and thinking more highly than they ought to and another struggling with trusting God. When we doubt God it’s us saying that we got it or my worrying is more sufficient than trusting your plan. Both are different forms of pride.

There are two types of hypocrites.



Hypocrites that fight their sin consistently


 Hypocrites that live in their sin

(Also anytime I use the word “you” in my blog it 99% means “we” as in me and you)

The first looks like this. You’re AWARE of the sin in your life. You’re aware of it not only because you’ve noticed it or identified it,  but you’ve allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal sin in your life that you didn’t ever imagine was there. David asked God about the secret sin that is stored in his heart and asked him to remove it.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!”

Psalms‬ ‭139:23

So not just the surface level sin that is very easy and simple to see, but the deep trust issues, identity issues, envious intentions that His Spirit has to reveal for us to fully understand. So when we’re aware of it, knowing that awareness isn’t enough, we INTENTIONALLY fight our sin consistently. Committing to pick up our cross daily and die to ourselves. This doesn’t mean that you’re perfect or have it all together, it just simply means that you’re not consistently allowing sin to reign in your life.

For the other hypocrites. And let me be clear. Every believer goes through seasons like this. Whether it’s for one sin or multiple. Whether it’s for a month or a year, we all go through seasons like this.

What’s important is that we have to continually pray and discern whether it’s just a season or it’s become apart of our lifestyle.

Why is this important? Because it’s honestly normal to have brief seasons of hypocrisy. Keyword, brief. It doesn’t make it ok or acceptable and it’s not honoring to God. But what is honoring to God is constantly spending time with Him and allowing the Holy Spirit to show us things that we’re judging/observing in others’ lives that are also very prevalent in our own lives. Remember, sin is deceptive. What seems like just a few days can quickly become months of living in hypocrisy.

Satan wants us to believe that it’s just a short season. When in reality it’s been 2 years and there’s been no true repentance. There’s been no true intentionality. And you’re just stuck. I’ve been there. Self-examination is an intentional way that we can make sure that our sin doesn’t become a lifestyle.

Take time to truly examine your walk. How’s your thought life? Are you serving your spouse? Do you need to forgive someone?

Those are just a few questions I ask myself, SLOWLY process, and think back over the last week to see where I’m at.

Living in our sin looks kinda like a dull knife. From where you’re standing in the kitchen to get the knife and looking down, it probably looks just like the rest of the knives. But when you pick up that knife and began to try to use it for cutting, it deceives you into trusting that it can do more than it actually can. Sin always oversells and underperforms. Same thing spiritually!

When we live in our sin and we’re unaware of it, we’re just like the dull knife. From afar we look like the same Christian and that we possess the same strong Godly characteristics. Now let’s imagine those knives in the drawer not just as you, but as characteristics that you possess. Now when you began to pick them up and use them they’re dull. Love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness. When we began to live in our sin and when we’re not looking at the drawer, examining what God has blessed us with, and then USING them to glorify God. WE BECOME DULL. We begin to lose power that God has blessed us with.

That’s what happens when we live in our sin.

Sin is deceiving and crippling.

James talks about this very clearly. Honestly, this verse frustrates me because I’m a loophole person in most cases. We all like shortcuts right? Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re not. It frustrates me because it’s so concise about what we should do.

“If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”

‭‭James‬ ‭4:17‬ ‭

So if we know what to do, but then don’t do it. It’s a sin. Imagine that haha.

This verse straight up condemns our sin and tells us that if we know what we should do, then we shouldn’t walk in a season of hypocrisy.

And there’s another reason we should read the word of God. To become more aware of the things that we shouldn’t do. Gain more knowledge and insight on ways that we can be aware of having dull knives.


In Conclusion: We’re ALL hypocrites. That means me. That means you. Unfortunately, that means our sweet mothers as well. But we need to be very careful and examine ourselves consistently to see where we’re at spiritually. But we can’t solely rely on our observations Just like the drawer of knives, if our sin is dark and clouds our vision, we need guidance and light (The Holy Spirit) to see what characteristics have become dull and ineffective because of the way that we are living or aren’t living. In order to start being effective, we should pray for discernment to see if we’re living in our sin or if it’s a brief short season that you’re now aware of and can begin to repent and set out intentional ways to guard yourself against the struggles that are holding you back.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog!

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Remember we all need encouragement, no matter the season.

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