So why did Peter get out of the boat? Peter was already the brash, act first-think later kind of disciple. He is often known for denying Jesus 3 times in a 12 hour period and sinking in the water after he begins to doubt, but I still find it crazy that Peter even got out of the boat!

I’m just picturing myself in his sandals, thinking to myself, would I go? What will the others think about me? What will they say if I fail? Is Jesus even real?

But here’s what I believe to be true.

Peter would’ve never gotten out of the boat unless he saw someone else out there first! Peter would have NEVER imagined that he could walk on water unless he saw Jesus doing it first.

As I started thinking about this as a young black man, I thought about the importance of Black History Month and how important it is to see others that look like you succeed. I’m not saying that if Jesus, was a white male or some different race that Peter wasn’t, that he wouldn’t have walked out there, I just know that from my personal experiences (and other black people) how important it was for me to see people that were my color pursuing to be something that isn’t the

As a kid, I did not like being black. I went to Pine Tree up until 6th grade and let me tell you, 3rd grade and 4th grade were HARD! I had many white friends that would treat me different because I didn’t live in the same neighborhood as them, didn’t have as nice clothes, they always had the best equipment for their sports (more about the socioeconomic differences with whites and black later to come), they asked me about why my hair looked the way it did and so on. I remember seeing my white male classmates put water on their hair to spike it up and the girls LOVED it. I figured I could do the same so I went into the bathroom and put water on my hair and absolutely nothing changed LOL! I was uneducated on culture and how my hair works but I knew so much about the white culture. I didn’t know that it was ok to have a different skin color than my classmates. I grew up learning what seemed like only the negative things of Black History. Slavery.

I was actually a lot lighter as a child, here’s a picture:



Anyways! To wrap all this up. Because of my lack of understanding of who I am and how I’m made different I was very insecure and tried so hard to be someone that I’m not. It really wasn’t until recently that I gained Godly confidence.

Two quick things!

Black history is important because we have privileges, that we should respect, be thankful for and we can’t do that unless we learn about our history. We become better stewards of the privileges that we are afforded when we educate ourselves to have a greater thankfulness for those that have come before. Very similar to Jesus. If we don’t truly educate and learn who Jesus is, how can we understand how much he has done for us? We simply can’t. We have to learn about Him.

It’s important because it can educate people about historic events and figures that they don’t know or have little awareness of.

It also highlights the positive things in black history.

Instead of only learning slavery and the Jim Crow era, it’s important that we learn that the black culture is more than it’s past, and has played a major role in the development of America and as Christians.

It is very important as a young kid to see those people that look like you succeeding and making a difference. If not, it’s easy to just follow the normal path.

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