I seriously never thought I would be doing this! Growing up, I always enjoyed reading and even writing! Writing is an art honestly. You can  make it your own, and that to me is the best part. One thing for sure that probably kept me away from blogging in the past is 1. The Unknown( more about this later) & 2. GRAMMAR!!!!! Notice the red colored letters representing exactly what my papers mirrored from 9-12th grade! I know I drove Mrs. Bozeman and Mrs. Seimears crazy with my papers that would come back looking like WW3. So just be aware that I don’t have the best grammar or punctuation, but I am excited to learn more throughout this process! Ok, now here’s why I’m doing this, and why you should consider subscribing…

Because if you don’t Madalyn will be the ONLY one subscribed!(LOL)(Do people put “LOL” in blogs?) *Opens Kristin Koonce’s blog to see if she does. She does, we’re good.* Now don’t get me wrong, she’s AMAZING! But she’s also bound by covenant to love and support me, so she really has no choice but to subscribe.

So here’s why I started a blog! AND why you should consider following the journey!

I started this blog simply because I felt lead to! Not that I think I have the perfect words or that I know everything, but I do believe that the bible makes no mistake when it says that there is power of life and death are in the tongue!

Proverbs 18:21 , “death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

So why wouldn’t I want to bring encouragement to someone’s life?!! How AWESOME is it that God gifts us with the privilege and responsibility to help change lives forever!!!! I truly believe that can be done through a 5 minute or less read.

Important ↓ ↓ ↓

Throughout this blog, you’re going to be constantly reminded that you’re made in the beautiful image of God, you’re valuable, beautiful, worthy because Jesus makes you, unique, called, gifted, purposed, loved,  etc. You’ll always get honest and transparent blogs because I believe It’s ok to not be ok. I also believe that transparency is a quality that many are afraid to pursue, and I understand that. But I believe the more that I talk about my failures, the better it’s going to make Jesus look, because He has/is redeeming from all unrighteousness. All of my failures are stepping stones to God’s Glory!

Can I get an amen?! 

I’ll also be talking about post college life, marriage, friendships, maturing, my time at New Beginnings, what I’m doing now, and all that good stuff. That’s really it for this post! Be on the lookout for the next blog in the next few days!

I would love for anyone reading this right now that enjoys encouragement, transparency, honesty and God’s Word to look into following the blog! We all need encouragement, no matter what season of life we’re in!

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