I got you wondering what I’m going to say don’t I? *inserts eyes emoji*

If you’re reading this, it means that you’ve somehow gotten scammed into clicking a link or entering your email…

Well, no sense in going back now! Welcome! Glad you’re here! Thanks for taking the time to read the blog! My prayer is that it would encourage you! Even if it’s only for a few hours. Encouragement is more powerful that we’ll ever understand.

I’ll probably be writing more personal focused blogs in the next few weeks and you should definitely stick around because God is doing some really cool things! But right now I want to continue casting vision for my blog’s core values! If you’re subscribed, you’ll probably be getting two blogs a week for right now as I continue to let everyone know what I’m most passionate about.

Here’s What I Want Everyone To Know! 

God created you in HIS image. God created you with a PURPOSE and a PLAN. God placed PASSIONS in your heart. God is an INTENTIONAL God, which means we should be INTENTIONAL followers of Jesus!

That is all. Y’all have a great day, be blessed and don’t stress.

Geez.. Those last few words put the image of 2004 in my head when the slogan ” Too blessed to be stressed” was as popular as the Bratz dolls. Good times. And no, I never played with the Bratz dolls. For my kids that were born in the 2000s, here’s a Bratz doll.



Here’s the first thing!

Being COMFORTABLE in your skin!!

If you follow me on Insta or if we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve probably seen my very transparent “Melanin” post. If you haven’t, here’s the link to go read https://www.instagram.com/leviyancy/ This post was a conclusion of God’s grace and confidence being instilled into my life. I love it. He’s so good. Society today has created a pressure to look a certain way to be considered beautiful.

That is B O L O G N A !

(Props to you if you read/sang that like Gwen Stefani’s song B-A-N-A-N-A-S)

It’s SO ridiculous.

Society will tell you that if you’re too short, too tall, a little too heavy, don’t weigh enough, too dark, too light, too many freckles, in need of braces, hair isn’t smooth enough, facial features are too small or too big etc. And guess what.. we listen to them. I listen to them. I’m guilty. For years I listened and found myself in a mindset that I would never look good enough. I can only imagine how women feel. Women I am so sorry that society has created a culture that puts a ridiculous amount of pressure to look a certain way.

Why does one body type, skin color, gender, race, or weight get to define what beautiful is?! 

Here’s where my confidence comes from. Yep! You guessed. The Bible

So in Genesis we see the creation story. We see the God creating everything and here’s what we ALL need to see and remind ourselves of on a daily basis. God saw something special in us from the beginning. Let me rephrase that God CREATED us special from the beginning. All the way up until verse 26, God is creating things and then He gets to mankind. In verse 26 it says

“Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,”

God said LET US. Why is this significant? Because it’s almost like whenever God was crossing off the list of things to create, when He got to us, He stopped and called over the Holy Spirit, and Jesus and made it a point to tell us that we are valuable! This was the first time God said “LET US” these two words should serve as a reminder that God created us with intentionality. It gets even better as it goes on to say “..in our image, in our likeness” So God is literally saying let’s make them just like us. Just like the Father. Just like Jesus. Just like the Holy Spirit. No question about it. We were made with intentionality. No mistakes.

Here’s how that ties in. Our outside appearance is SO temporary. Think about it, 10 years ago you looked different, and 10 years from now you’re going to look different.

Here’s a low quality picture of me from about 10 years ago hahahaha.


Our skin changes! Our weight changes!(unless you’re like me, and you’re still waiting on your freshman 15 to kick in) Your smile will change. It’s inevitable, we will change.

These external factors will change for the REST of our time on earth, but something that will never change is the fact that God made us in His image and in His likeness! 

Male and Female!

So often we let our insecurities and social media determine the way we view ourselves.

It isn’t limited to just social media. It could be the friends you’re around, family members, or the shows you’re watching. Satan doesn’t limit the way he attacks us. Remember that. He can twist the most innocent and pure hearted things or people and try to use it to remind of us what we’re not.

The more we limit the time we’re spending around negative influences and the more time we remind our insecurities that they don’t define us, the more confidence we will have in who God has made us! I’ll say it again it a little louder for the people in the back.


Your insecurities shouldn’t Define you, but they should REMIND you that God loves IMPERFECT PEOPLE! 

Feel free to tweet that.

In Conclusion 

This is what I’m passionate about. I believe for a fact that you are beautiful. Why because you’re made in the image of God. I do believe that there is a set standard for beauty and it’s called “you.” You are beautiful. I would encourage you to embrace your insecurities. Don’t be afraid to! We’re all imperfect people intentionally created to look different to express, that God’s image can be seen in more than one type of person. Amen for that! God isn’t limited! The more we embrace who we are, what we look like, our personalities, our passions, our insecurities…the more we are able to glorify God. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, green, yellow, orange, purple or red, embrace who you are, embrace the things that make you different, and confidently live your life knowing that God created YOU exactly the way that He intended. No mistakes. Just intentionality, purpose and love.

“Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness..”

Thanks so much for reading! Within the first few hours of me posting my first blog, close to 30+ people subscribed and I don’t know, that’s just really cool to me. Support is such an empowering thing. Thank you for following the journey! I can’t emphasize how much it means to me. In a few days I’ll be talking about part two of things I want everyone to know. PURSUING YOUR PASSIONS!

That’s it for this blog! If you were encouraged, please feel free to comment. text me, or message. Or even send this to a friend that you think may struggle with self-image, value, feeling worthy or anything like that. Also! if you’re not already, enter your email to follow the journey!

We all need encouragement no matter what season we’re in!

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